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Consulting and Training


We advise you to specification and design of reeds, reed calculate versions, perform material tests to assess tissue and evaluate them. In our center, we train your employees in dealing with reeds, the fabrication as well as repair and storage.

Quality at Low Prices


Reeds can be damaged during transport, assembly or manufacturing. The cost of new reeds is usually not taken into account. Reworkable reeds bring you a saving of up to 60% and are on track again.

Highly experienced staff, modern machinery and high quality materials allow us a very good value for money. Benefit from the expertise of a traditional stronghold of the German textile industry.

Technology and Diversity


We supply the full range of reeds for Trinca looms  and all major types of weaving machines*. Newly developed technologies such as e-Cut, epoxy profiles or our KBI fixation increase abrasion and wear resistance and prolong the useful life of reeds.

Safe Transportation


Thanks to our special packages with shock indicators, edge protection profiles and shatter-resistant materials your ordered goods arrive safely to you, no matter where you partice the production.

Individual Solutions


Many reeds are only required for a single production. We advise you on different bonding process, from standard to high-strength 3-step adhesive system and other individual types of construction. We deliver high-quality, perfectly accurate manufactured reeds, tailored to your needs.

Support - even on weekends


Some appointments can only be achieved by 24-hour shifts. In this case, the stoppage of a machine should be excluded.

We are here for you: daily from 7.30 till 22.30 o’clock, 7 days a week

Our hotline: +49 (0) 1703224141

Precision and Quality


The most experienced reed technicians to guarantee the high quality of our products. Advanced production techniques, consistent quality control, optical measurement systems and documentation of digital image files help us maintain the highest quality. We only use time-tested materials and special steels with minimum tolerances. As a training company, we place great emphasis on the training of our students and staff, thereby ensuring the future needs of our customers.


*During translation preparing, this chapter has been edited according to A&A's independent judgement  在翻譯過程中A&A依據獨立判斷對本章節進行了編輯 .


KUENZEL advanced weaving 

technologies GmbH

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D-95213 Münchberg 


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