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Heddles, Drop Wires, Roller Coverings


We manufacture heddles and dropwires for all common types of weaving machine, in various materials and designs.


  • Standard wire, flat steel, round steel, leno heddles

  • Dropwires, open and closed types

  • Standard,hardened or stainless

Kuenzel | A&A Consultant

We offer almost all conventiional roller coverings and many special coverings with different surface structures and widths and with or without self-adhesive.


Complementary products


  • Accessories for transport and storage protection

  • Chemical purification, protecting and solvents, mechanical cleaning agents (brushes, polishing plates, etc.)

  • Repair tools with special devices and extensive accessories

  • manual, semi and fully automatic drawing-in, hooks, hooks piercing, polishing stones



Take advantage of our extensive range of spare parts for Axminster looms. We offer standard versions and custom-made products according to drawings.

Kuenzel | A&A Consultant
Kuenzel | A&A Consultant

Tubes, Harnesses, Cords


You will get almost all standards of cardboard and plastic tubes, but also special designs according to drawing. We also assemble harness and cords for jacquard looms in complete execution, including capture and assembly as well as a variety of spare parts.

Kuenzel | A&A Consultant

Power Transmission


We offer numerous drive elements such as timing belts, friction belt, gears and pulleys. We are glad to offer you something to suit your individual needs.

Kuenzel | A&A Consultant

Engineering and Special Needs


You will receive single and serial parts according to drawings for the machine and tool.

We are constantly expanding our product and range. For your individual needs, we take extensive market research and search for the

qualitatively best deal to suit your budget.

Kuenzel | A&A Consultant

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