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For technical, medical and textile fabrics


We produce high quality reeds for technical, medical and textile fabrics

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For Technical Fabrics


Our reeds are manufactured according to standards by drawing but also according to your requirements for all weaving machine types and different collection systems for single and multi-ply tissue.

Our core competence lies in the production of special sheets for heavy fabrics, woven wire mesh, paper making cloth, filters, wet and dry nets and carpet fabrics.

Applications in technical areas:

  • AgroTech  - Agricultural and agriculture

  • BuiltTech  - Architectural Fabric

  • GeoTech   - Paving and landscaping

  • Indutech   - Industry, solar technology, paper screens,                               fiberglass cloth, etc.

  • MedTech   - Filtration and medical implants

  • MobilTech - Communication Technology

  • PackTech   - Packaging, transport safety, conveyor belts

  • ProTech     - Security and protective fabric for police,                                 fire, military

  • Sporttech  - Canvas, paragliders, Construction Jacket

Kuenzel | A&A Consultant
Kuenzel | A&A Consultant
Kuenzel | A&A Consultant
Kuenzel | A&A Consultant

For Textile Fabrics


In the textile sector, we finished reeds for:


  • Cloth

  • Velvet

  • Velour

  • Plush

  • Cotton Fabrics

  • Terry


All other shell fabrics for men's wear, women's wear, Decoration, voile, linen, silk and other composites.

The reeds are suitable for all types of weaving machines and insection systems for single-layer and reinforced fabrics.

For Medical Tissues


Medical textiles can be used in therapy, surgery, as antibacterial or flame retardant textiles. They speed up the healing process, reducing costs, and drug and make an important contribution to quality of life, hygiene and health in old age.


We produce reeds for the medical industry to a density of 14 dents per millimeter and a length of up to 3,500 millimeters with absolutely minimal tolerances.

In the development and manufacture of reeds for medical fabrics, we work with a number of research institutes, such as the Institute of Textile Technology and Process Engineering (ITV), Denkendorf, Dresden University of Technology and the Textile Research Institute Thuringia-Vogtland e. V. (TITV) Greiz.

Products for Weaving Preparation


  • Reeds and reed extension

  • Comb extension 

  • Leasing reed with tin applications or brass inlets, on request, hard chrome plated nickel plated, etc.

  • Guide combs, closed and open

  • V-sheets or diamond reeds

  • Leasing Reeds

  • Guided Combs  

       And many others

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